Our Bikes

Honda Cub
Semi-automatic, 50cc

The most produced and one of the most successful motor vehicles in history, the Cub has a lot of charm.

It’s a city bike and with 50cc you won’t be racing anyone but it’s dependable and gets you wherever you want to go.

The best thing though, it doesn’t require any driving license and it’s simply a lot of fun to drive.

Honda Wave
Semi-automatic, 110cc

This is one of the most popular and successful bikes in Vietnam, it is reliable and easy to ride.

It will get you everywhere around the city in comfort but is also the ideal bike for a longer road trip or any adventure.

Yamaha Janus
Automatic, 125cc

This is a great city bike, snappy and zippy but light enough to get you through any traffic while providing a comfortable ride.

It’s a nice looking bike and while it’s mostly at home in the city, it can handle road trips in the mountains very well.

Honda Winner
Manual, 150cc

This is a bike for more experienced riders, it has plenty of power and can take you everywhere but it requires more skill to handle.

Being manual it has it’s advantages on longer trips but is not as convenient to drive around the city.

Yamaha NVX
Automatic, 155cc

This is a bike for more riders who want an automatic but prefer something bigger, it has plenty of power and lots of storage space under the seat.

It is easy to drive around the city but will also serve you well on longer trips while providing more comfort.

City or Mountain Bike

For people who prefer something a bit more ‘manual’ and want to get some exercise done at the same time.

We have both city and mountain bikes available, so you can choose to stay within the city or go and explore the countryside.